I want to do for the summer…

This year I have many things planned  I want to do for the summer. But I think I would not be able to do them all. But one thing that I want to do really  is zip-lining. I have been wanting to zip-line for so many years but my parents wouldn’t let me and would tell me I was too little for it. But now that I’m turning 17 on August 15 I think it’s the right age for me to go for it. I love doing extreme things. Even as a kid I loved and still love going on the roller-coasters and my mom would always get mad at me and still does. But it would still go on it with my dad. I know my mom is not going to like the idea of me zip-lining but I think I can convince her. Hopefully this year it would happen. I’m eagerly waiting to try zip-lining. And I know I’m going to love it.
Susanna Kirakosyan


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