My Free Time

Most people have hobbies and interests which they prefer doing in their free time. As for me, I don’t get much free time, especially on weekdays. However, at weekends I try to do the activities I like most of all.

Read in Paytsar’s blog.They are skating, bowling, dancing, swimming, reading, listening to music and going out with my friends. Swimming is my all time favourite activity. For bowling and dancing I need a company.   When I have spare time I love reading books, especially romantic novels and detective stories. When I want something relaxing, I listen to music.  Occasionally I go for a walk with my best friends. We chat about everything, and sometime we even gossip about others. I plan my weekends in advance. If I don’t have my own plans my friends usually offer me something exciting. Speaking of hobbies, I’d like to tell you about my collection of coins. I collect coins from all over the world.  My other hobby is collecting soft toys. I already have more than 20 items. They occupy a special place in my room and my heart.


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